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Cyanuric acid
Chemical Name: 2,4,6-Trihydroxy-1,3,5-Triazine
Synonym: Isocyanuric acid, Tricyanic acid
Formula: C3H3N3O3
M.W: 129.1
Description: Odourless white powder or granular
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Quality policy
Law abiding     Prevention first     Sincere and refined     Energy saving     People oriented     Healthy and harmonious     Better update
Quality target
1. Customer satisfaction is more than 90%
2. The first pass rate of cyanuric acid products is more than 96%
3. The one-time qualified rate of ammonium sulfate is 98%
"HAIDA" becomes a famous brand

Quality promise
We must abide these policy to ensure the 100% yield.

Brief of QC system:
Hebei Haida Chemical Co., Ltd. has established a quality assurance system in strict accordance with GB / t19001-2016idtiso9001:2015 and has obtained the certification certificate issued by Beijing Zhongjing KEHUAN Quality Certification Co., Ltd. The company has a central laboratory with complete testing functions, and has established and strictly implemented a series of documents such as evaluation management, procurement control, central control supervision, finished product inspection, warehouse management, ex factory inspection, delivery assurance and service quality control, so as to ensure the realization of the goal of 100% qualification rate of ex factory products, and strive to make "Haida" a brand trusted by all users.

The diagram of material QC system

The diagram of Inspection

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